Why Hjort Chiropractic

The chiropractic clinic you choose can make a big difference. Below you will find some reasons that make Hjort Chiropractic a top choice:

ChiroCare Center of Excellence: Since 2015, we've been selected to be a charter members of ChiroCare Centers of Excellence. Clinics that achieved this status have a combination of higher rates of patient satisfaction, better outcomes, and lower costs per case. Only two clinics in the St. Cloud region were selected. For more information regarding ChiroCare Centers of Excellence visit:

Evidence Based and Patient Centered Care: We use X-rays and therapeutic modalities judiciously. We refer out at appropriate times for medical opinions, imaging, and to other health care providers. We don’t interfere with treatment plans recommended by medical providers. Each patient has a personalized treatment plan depending on their needs. We do not recommend excessive treatment programs.

High Patient Satisfaction: As a referral based practice we depend on satisfied patients to refer their friends and family to us. 5 star online reviews and positive feedback from managed care companies also consistently show high patient satisfaction. Five star review by KR: "Great care by intelligent, competent staff and doctors. Many therapies offered, and never a problem with my insurance. I have been a patient on and off for several years, different problems and each treatment is tailored to the problem. No nonsense, won't have you coming back needlessly or try to sell you anything. I won't go anywhere else." See what other patients have to say about us on our Testimonials page.

Cost Effective Care: We routinely have a lower cost per case than our peers. This is validated by different managed care groups or insurance company statistics. It is quite common for us to resolve a condition in just one to three treatments and discharge the patient.

Clean Record/Experience: Since 1989 Hjort Chiropractic has had 0 malpractice lawsuits and no complaints to the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners or other agencies. This is in spite of having a busy clinic with 10,000 or more past patients. Let our experience work for you!

Full Service Clinic: We feature a wide variety of treatment including chiropractic, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, therapeutic ultrasound, active rehabilitation, cervical and lumbar decompressive traction, cold laser, EMS and vibratory massage.

Extended Hours: We have convenient hours that include clinic hours from 8 am to 6 pm along with Saturday mornings. We also feature same day appointments. If you need help we’ll see you today! We will work with your schedule to ensure your appointment at our clinic is convenient.

Participating Provider: Hjort Chiropractic is in all regional insurance networks and has preferred provider and top tier status where applicable. This ensures that you get the maximum chiropractic benefit from your insurance company.

Medical Cooperation: We have extensive experience working with medical physicians and have great working relationships with many area medical providers. In the past Hjort Chiropractic has provided chiropractic care in the orthopedic department at the Abbott Northwestern Specialty Care Center in Sartell (7 years) and in the St. Cloud HealthPartners Clinic (4 years).

Auto Injury Specialist: Dr. Hjort has been certified by the Spine Research Institute of San Diego as an auto crash injury forensic expert. This extensive post-graduate training included participation in motor vehicle crash testing with live subjects, an in-depth review of applicable auto crash related scientific studies and specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of whiplash and other auto crash related injuries.
For more information: www.srisd.com

Soft Tissue Techniques: Dr. Stoebe has had extensive post graduate training and experience in various soft tissue techniques. He can perform specialized soft tissue mobilization techniques which are often very effective where more traditional treatments or therapies fail.  Common problems that respond well to his expertise include shoulder, hip, elbow and spine problems or any joint that has soft tissue dysfunction.

Pediatrics: Some common conditions children suffer from respond well to chiropractic treatment. Dr. Osterman has post graduate training in chiropractic pediatrics and has a special interest in helping kids with a variety of conditions.   For more information visit:  www.icpa4kids.org

Caring and Personalized Treatment: Last but not least, Hjort Chiropractic doctors and staff all have a great interest in providing the most personalized, compassionate and effective care for our patients. Each patient is recognized as an important part of our practice. From unique personalized treatment plans to help with insurance billing or processing we are confident that your experience with us will be exceptional.

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