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Hjort Chiropractic has a long track record of high quality care that includes high patient satisfaction, better results, and lower costs. Many insurance companies rate chiropractors based on these attributes and award the best performing clinics by putting them in a higher tier or making them a preferred provider. Due to our status as a "top tier" or "preferred" provider, your chiropractic benefit at our office is the highest available. Our intent is to make the insurance process as hassle-free as possible for our patients. Just bring your insurance card or information—we'll bill your insurance company directly for your treatment. The most common types of insurance are listed below. If you have questions, please call our office.


If you've been involved in a motor vehicle accident, this type of insurance takes precedence over your personal health insurance. It doesn't matter whether you were at fault or whether you were the driver or a passenger. At Hjort Chiropractic, treatment of injuries related to vehicle operation or accidents are generally covered 100% by your auto insurance. And you have direct access to our clinic with no need for a medical referral. The doctors at Hjort Chiropractic have a special interest in automobile accident injuries. Dr. Hjort has been certified as an auto crash injury forensic specialist. He has undergone extensive post-graduate training at the Spine Research Institute of San Diego which included participation in live automobile crash testing.


Workers Compensation Insurance covers medical and chiropractic expenses for injuries suffered in an occupational setting. Most injured workers have the right to direct access to chiropractic care at Hjort Chiropractic Clinic, with 100% coverage of chiropractic treatment costs. Most of the time you have the choice to see the doctor of your choice. If you have questions regarding coverage we encourage you to have a free consultation with one of the doctors at Hjort Chiropractic. They can tell you if your condition might be helped with chiropractic and if your treatments will be covered by your worker's compensation insurance...with no financial risk to you.


Hjort Chiropractic is a preferred provider for almost all personal insurance plans, including: HealthPartners, Preferred One, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medica, United Health Care, Blue Plus, Blue Select, Select Care, MN Care, and others. We accept other personal insurance as well. Most personal health insurance plans allow direct access to chiropractic care without a medical referral.


If you are a veteran and have coverage through the VA medical system you are most likely eligible for chiropractic coverage. You will need a referral from your medical doctor at the VA to get coverage started.


Hjort Chiropractic accepts assignment for Medicare patients. We do all the billing and will also bill your supplemental insurance provider if you have one. Most Medicare patients at least 24 chiropractic visits available per year if needed.


Hjort Chiropractic accepts all Minnesota medical assistance plans and Minnesota Care plans.

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