New Patients

New Patients

Chiropractic is a safe and effective treatment for many conditions. Although we have treated thousands of different people over the years we still have great care and concern for every new patient. Appointments at our office typically begin with a bit of paperwork, as you no doubt would expect. An examination is done to try to determine the source or cause of your condition. A treatment plan is recommended with your best interest in mind. At Hjort Chiropractic we have a plethora of treatment options. Each new patient has a personalized and unique treatment plan. Our goal is to get you better as quickly as possible. We have many patients who have their condition resolved in as little as one or two treatments! If your condition is more complicated or is not responding as anticipated we my try a different technique or therapy. If we determine that chiropractic treatment is not appropriate for your condition we may refer you to a medical provider. We work with different medical clinics on a daily basis including imaging centers, pain clinics, and family practice clinics. We will work hard to get you the relief you need, whether it is in our clinic or someplace else!

If you have any further questions, call our practice today. You may request a complimentary consultation with one of our doctors if you are unsure if chiropractic treatment is the correct treatment for you.

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