5 Star review by K.R.: "Great care by intelligent, competent staff and doctors. Many therapies offered, and never a problem with my insurance. I have been a patient on and off for several years, different problems and each treatment is tailored to the problem. No nonsense, won't have you coming back needlessly or try to sell you anything. I won't go anywhere else."

5 Star review by M.Z.: "Wonderful people providing a variety of services! Adjustments, Acupuncture, Active Release Technique, Therapeutic Massage, Etc. Best chiropractic office I've ever been too!"

5 Star review by L.E.: "Great options for pain management! I'm trying treatments that were not presented at other practices, such as traction and acupuncture. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and the Dr.'s, Paul and Terry, really listen to how you feel and what you are comfortable with for treatment. Easy to get an appointment too, which is key when you are not feeling well"

5 star review by M.D. : "I have been a patient of Dr. Paul Hjort since the mid-1990s. I have also received treatment from Dr. Terry Osterman and exercise therapy with Stephan this year. They explain the treatments, treat you, and give you a plan for future treatments and therapy. I have been extremely satisfied with any treatments received and the medical staff's bedside manner. The office staff of Susan, Carrie, and Casey are always extremely helpful, informative, and polite. Now, they have exceeded their already great service. Under my recent treatments, I was not responding as I had in the past. Both doctors realized there was something else wrong and ordered a MRI as soon as we could. The MRI showed a growth pressing on a nerve in my spine, the growth possibly cancer. Now my treatment is with my medical doctor and cancer doctor. End of story right? No, both chiropractors contacted me to make sure I was doing okay and what my status was. Did I need anything they could help with? When I called to make an appointment for a neck adjustment, the staff asked how I was doing. Thanks for the support - you are a great group of people. Long story short - Hjort Chiropractic not only cares for your physical ailments, they care for you."

5 star review by S.C. : "Terry Ostermen is the best chiropractor I have ever gone to! I have referred over a dozen of my friends and family to him. There really are no words to describe how great they are! I have not had an issue that he was not able to fix and he doesn't pressure you to come in more than what is necessary. The staff at Hjort chiropractic are very kind and helpful."

5 star review by T.K : "I have seen them several times, and always receive great treatment and advice. I would recommend them to anyone that needs a chiropractor."

5 star review by J.H. : "Hands down the best quality care and expertise in the area if not all MN. I suffered a major sports injury to the shoulder (Dislocation with torn ligaments and tendons). I received care from top orthopedic in state for shoulders for3 years of countless cortisone injections,2 radioscopy surgeries, and at mid-thirties told I must have a prosthetic put in to stop the pain and to fix the floating shoulder, with a maximum 50%-65% recover, AND would have to get the screws replaced every 10 or 15 years or so. I have gotten more pain relief, strength, range of motion and use of my arm from 3 sessions with Dr Terry& Dr Paul than 3 years of cortisone, PT& injections. No magic wand promise, just that of being able to keep of surgery for another 10 or 15 years, worth its weight in gold. Seriously, if your Ortho says surgery is all thats left you gotta come see them, even just a few more years without pins and screws is 1 less surgery and thats 10X than the Ortho could do."

5 star review by S.S. : "I have been a patient at Hjort Chiropractic for almost 20 years. The doctors are very knowledgeable and truly care about their patients. I've always received high quality care. Both Dr. Terry and Dr. Paul have treated me and I've been very impressed with their adjusting skills, as well as their individualized treatment plans that expedited my healing. The clinic is equipped with cervical and lumbar traction, as well as electric stimulation, laser, X-ray, rolling tables. They also offer massage therapy and acupuncture. The staff is professional and really seems to care. The clinic also takes all insurances. I highly recommend Hjort Chiropractic to all my friends and family. If you're in pain, give them a call. You'll be happy you did"

5 star review by P.Z. : "Always a great experience! I appreciate the kindness you receive from the doctors. They are understanding and caring. A place you can always leave feeling amazing!"

5 star review by H. W. : "I had a car accident in 2001. I ended up with severe whiplash and could hardly move my neck, I literally tried everything from physical therapy, pool therapy and even trigger point injections (where my heart stopped on the table)! Dr. Paul Hjort was a godsend, after my first treatment I could move my head and neck! I would highly recommend him to anyone, which I do!"

5 star eview by R.M. : "If you are looking for chiropractic care in Central Minnesota, Hjort Chiropractic is the best choice you can make. I generally get a routine maintenance adjustment with Dr. Paul, but I have treated with Dr. Terry too; both are great guys who make you feel less like a patient and more like a friend. A friend that is very knowledgeable and skilled in chiropractic and wellness therapies, that is! Their Facebook posts and email newsletter are very informative as well."

5 star review by K. M. : "I had been to 5 different chiropractors before going to Hjort. After over 10 years I am still a VERY happy patient there! I have and will recommend Dr Paul and Dr Terry to anyone in need of Chiropractic."

5 star review by L. R. : "Dr. Hjort provided immediate relief for my fiancé's back and neck injuries. She received these injuries 3 month prior to seeing him in a car accident. All efforts to get her help for her injuries up to that point (spine specialist visits, doctors visits, therapist visits) had proved to be of little help. Dr. Hjort and his staff are professional and courteous. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. The relief they provided my fiancé is nothing short of a miracle! Thanks to Hjort Chiropractic for their professional and caring service!"

5 Star Review by N.R. : "I have chronic lumbar back problems (spondylitis, degenerative disc disease and severe arthritis in my facet joints) due to sports and childhood injuries, and I also have had Multiple Sclerosis for over 10 years during which I've seen Dr Paul on a regular basis for accupuncture as well as chiropractic adjustments. I truly swear by the results I've had over the years, I am able to use minimal pain medication and stay active and mobile despite suffering from often debilitating muscle spacticity. Dr Paul and Dr Terry are awesome, highly skilled, caring and professional people with do not use the "cookie cutter" approach to chiroparactic care. I truly feel like Dr Paul's accupuncture has helped me stay out of my wheelchair as much as possible. Good doctors aren't that easy to find and I feel like Dr Paul is as good as it gets for chiropractic care."

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